Community of practicing experts, consultants, and specialists with extensive experience in various markets
Ongoing study of current market realities, existing technologies and structure of business practices
Continuous analysis of not only successful decisions, but also of failures and errors
The best and most technological solutions for our partners
Our knowledge and experience serve our partners

MAGNUM Consulting Group – 
Community of practicing professionals

Our Mission
To provide practical assistance and information support to Russian and foreign companies seeking to introduce their products to consumers, expand their markets, and effectively organize the marketing of their products.
Our Objective
Maximizing the presence and value of our partners in the market, increasing their sales and profits and implementing development programs for our partner companies.
Our Competence
Magnum Consulting Group – the community of practicing consultants, experts, and specialists in various markets. We are constantly trying new things, learning and developing, therefore we can always offer our partners the most advances and effective solutions for their business.
Our Work
The foundation of MAGNUM Consulting Group is practical assistance to our partners.
We provide the partners with our accumulated experience in solving problems of any complexity, offer the most effective business solutions and assist with their implementation.
Our Value
The increase of our partners’ profit is our direct aim. The return on investment for our services substantially exceeds the price paid for it.

MAGNUM Consulting Group
provides a wide range of services for the most successful business development of our partner companies

Business Audit

Business audit is aimed to identify the opportunities and limitations of the partner company in the market. We provide the recommendations for adjustment of business processes, both for the particular departments and for their intracompany interactions.

In the process of our business audit, we analyze and determine of the required resources needed for the successful work with counterparties and for the effective promotion of the product.

Based on the results of the audit, our specialists provide their expert opinion on the possibilities and constraints of the company’s activity in the market, as well as recommendations on refining of business processed, altering the existing business model or concept.


Marketing and brand managers of MAGNUM Consulting Group provide our partners with professional services in the field of marketing management.

Information and analytics

  • Volume and dynamics of the market
  • Price segmentation of the market and dynamics of the segments
  • Competitive environment of the market: volume, dynamics, competitors’ assortment and pricing policy, and promotion strategies


  • Brand auditing
  • Brand positioning
  • Development of brand communication platform
  • Product design
  • Development of brand name and slogan
  • Logo design
  • Development of brand-book and company style
  • Corporate and product design
  • Quality research
  • Expansion of the market
  • Optimization of business processes
  • Development of distribution and sales models
  • Development of pricing models
Subscription Services

MAGNUM Consulting Group introduces a new package for organization of sales - subscription services for our partners.

Subscription services allow our partners to refer to our experts for professional advice and development of solutions for their business objectives at any time. Our subscription agreement provides opportunities for integrated service in the following areas:


  • Consulting on drafting of contracts, agreements and protocols of disagreements


  • Legal assessment of contractual relations
  • Verification of sales agreements on their compliance with the current legislation


  • Assisting with tax examination
  • Accounting services


  • Implementation of financial expertise
  • Finance Advice


  • Development of business plans
  • Organization of an accounting system
  • Organization of legal support
  • Evaluation of alliance and integration strategies
  • Development of solutions to increase the value-added of business


MAGNUM Consulting Group
is a team of professionals in various specialized areas

  • Experts and analysts
  • Experienced managers
  • Specialists on logistics and experts in supply chain management
  • IT professionals and developers
  • Marketing specialists
  • Brand managers
  • Designers
  • Sales professionals
  • Key account managers
  • Financial consultants

MAGNUM Consulting Group infrastructural divisions are ready to provide our partners with:

  • Legal support
  • Accounting services
  • IT development

Magnum Consulting Group LLC