Sales Support

- Contract work

  • Analysis, drafting and negotiation of contracts

- Supply network and expenses

  • Analysis of existing supply networks and expenses
  • Development of recommendations to change supply terms
  • Development of supply networks and calculation of expenses
  • Implementation of the supply networks::
    • Selection of logistics companies / distributors
    • Contracts necessary for the realization of the targeted supply network

- Merchandising

  • Merchandising is product placement in a sales area.
  • Merchandising is a process. You can count on significant results only if you pay attention to this process.
  • Effective merchandising is placing the product in the right place, in the right form, at the right time, and in the right quantity.
  • Merchandising based on serious analysis, considering market rules and best practices –is a strong competitive advantage we can provide to you.
  • The organization of merchandising
  • Analysis, development of quality requirements and control of the merchandisers’ performance
  • Development of monitoring and reporting methods
  • Development of motivation plans for outsourcing merchandisers / agencies
  • Tendering of merchandising services among outsourcing agencies
  • Calculation and justification of the profitability of contracts
  • Conducting negotiations with the agencies
  • Contract drafting and signing
  • Development and implementation of automated methods of interaction and data exchange

- Monitoring, analysis and accounting

  • Development of monitoring systems for qualitative and quantitative distribution, retail prices, analytical reports, marketing activities
  • Development of a remote control system to evaluate the execution of contracts and maintenance of the company's standards when working through distributors

- Electronic document management

  • Conducting negotiations, signing contracts with providers and chains, development of mechanisms of multilateral cooperation and interaction
  • Development and implementation of an electronic product catalog (master data)
  • The introduction of Digital Signature

- Product development

  • Product entry into the market/retail chain:
    • Completion and approval of necessary documents for the product to enter the market
  • Conduct negotiations on entering /rotating of product
  • Control of the product’s introduction:
    • Arranging initial order of a new product by counterparties

- Regional Sales

  • Regional logistics
  • Control of contractual terms
  • Regional KAEs (Key Account Executives)
  • Motivation plans for remote subdivisions
  • Control of remote subdivisions, including KAEs



Subscription Services

MAGNUM Consulting Group  introduces new way of organization of sale - subscription services.

Subscription services allow our partners to refer to our experts for professional advice and development of solutions for their business objectives at any time.

Subscription agreement provides opportunities for integrated service areas:

- Consulting on Sales

- Work on current contracts

  • Consulting on drafting contracts, agreements and disputes

- Legal support

  • Providing of legal assessment of contractual relationships
  • Verification of conformity of sales contracts to current legislation

- Accounting support

  • Assisting with the tax preparation
  • Accounting consultations


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